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Tjuana Lorraine is an author, speaker, coach, model, and entrepreneur who’s experienced a number of tests and trials on her journey. A journey that endured sacrifice, resilience, and commitment. Sacrifices such as building other’s dreams while putting her’s on hold. Resilence like never giving up even when she didn’t know when it would happen, and commitment like working three jobs to fund her dreams. She vowed to do anything she needed in order to never go back to a life that she knew wasn’t for her.

Tjuana Lorraine’s life purpose is serve as a example that no matter what circumstances you are faced with, you can get beyond them. When you look into the eyes of this amazing woman, you see the soul of a survivor that would not give up.  Tjuana Lorraine overcame many challenges in her life. All which forced her to be uniquely different in her quest to survive. 

She originally started coaching and speaking to women groups and teens in non profit organizations. Offering advice to members and parents. She knew she had the work ethic and the gift but was missing one MAJOR KEY. A coach. Getting a coach is what allowed her to become disciplined in ways that she had never been before.

She is committed to helping you OWN your goals and provide you with a roadmap on how to reach them and accompish more. Not only survive, but THRIVE!! 

Tjuana Lorraine is a dynamic entrepreneur and mom who fought her way from “file clerk to moGAL” with drive and determination to win. She hales over twenty-three years of business experience and extensive life experience that embodies survival, determination, strength, faith, and heart! 

She founded her own coaching community where she is now coaching individuals helping them to be phenomenal. She uses her expertise to help others find that same success as a real life example of what is very much possible. She is a native of North Carolina and vows to share her story and IMPACT the nations.

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Tjuana Lorraine

Charlotte, NC